Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Whether you have an active outdoor lifestyle, participate in remote location activities like hunting, trekking, camping, climbing or just want to be prepared in the event of natural disasters, “man-made” emergencies or civil upheaval we can help you acquire the skills necessary to help you survive

Based in Arizona, USA, Life Skills Academy (AZ) is staffed by trained professionals experienced in survival, search and rescue, self-rescue, radio and GPS skills, rescue training as well as firearms training for remote locations (where such skill sets would be needed).

At Innovative Systems (Life Skills Academy) we provide real world comprehensive and continuous training courses in all types of survival, rescue and armed self-defence skills.

We are dedicated to providing high quality LIFE SKILLS training in a structured, informal and friendly environment to people at all levels of ability, with or without previous training or experience. The safety and survival of our students in a real-life situation is our top priority. Our training “IS” our reputation!

Our full survival cache of courses includes Medical, First Aid Advanced Medical Techniques, (not First Aid that is commonly taught elsewhere), Advanced Radio and GPS use, Map & Compass Reading Skills, Survival and Self Defence Firearms training.

Especially popular is our Medical Skills Course where students can learn “in the field” treatment of life threatening or serious injuries that may be suffered during recreational pursuits This could make all the difference in cases of injury where help is many miles and maybe hours away.

Not a lot of people know that Arizona countryside has a very diverse environment to train and also survive in as we have mountains, forest and desert on our doorstep. In Arizona we also have various creatures whose bite can prove lethal. An injury or bite that is “simple” in the city can be a major setback or even life threatening in a remote location

Life Skills Tuition Includes

  • Pre-planning strategies for emergencies.
  • Threat awareness & Stress management.
  • Situational orientation & “event aftermath”.
  • Advanced Medical Training (including self-help) for “in the field” treatment of gunshot wounds, cuts and edged weapon injuries, broken bones, eye injuries, burns, bites etc.
  • Radio and cell phone communications used in rescue and remote area access.
  • GPS / Navigation: Basic and advanced
  • Basic survival skills in a desert other hostile environment.
  • Self defense firearms choice, orientation and familiarization.
  • Tactical marksmanship and how it relates to survival situations.

Train to Survive

  1. Even a little preparation goes a long way.
  2. If you don’t know how to treat an injury to yourself, family or buddy – learn now.
  3. Learning survival skills is best done before you really need them – it’s too late after that.
  4. Develop a plan that suits you– and stick to it.
  5. Become familiar with firearms so that you don't struggle to use them in a crisis or emergency.
  6. Learn to hunt, shoot, fish and cook outdoors.


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Contact Info

Life Skills Academy

United States 

+44 (0) 7530305549

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Instructors: Our instructors teach only within their specific area of expertise.

 Our Chief Instructor (USA Based):

Search and Rescue Unit Commander.

Trained in desert survival.

Active in the nationwide emergency response radio network system.

Served as a Police Firearms Instructor in Arizona.

Certified NRA Instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun and personal protection courses.

 Assistant Instructor (USA / Europe):

Personally trained by world class instructors in Switzerland and USA.

Non- military approach to training.

Multi-disciplined in NRA (USA) training.

Supports our firearms instruction courses and overseas student training programmes.

 Up to Date Techniques and Skills:

We do not teach outdated military or inappropriate sport or competition skills to our students.

Training is realistic and structured to modern needs and operational requirements.

We set high but attainable standards of achievement for all students.

Training is set to specific needs and objectives.