Thursday, April 26, 2018
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:  Assault rifles are commonly used for self defence and security purposes the world over. Life Skills Academy will help students to learn the proper methods of handling, storage, use, care and cleaning of modern assault rifles.

Abstract: Semi-automatic as well as lever action, bolt action, breach-loading, pump and automatic firearms will be discussed and covered to sufficient depth so that the student is familiar with the basic operations of modern-day rifles. This class is geared toward students who seek to expand their knowledge of basic rifles and then later apply this knowledge to practical shooting skills and exercises as well as tactical usage.

20 and 30 caliber rifles will be covered, from carbines to long-range hunting and tactical applications. Basic review of sighting systems such as iron sites, scopes, aperture sites, and post sites will be reviewed, along with proper shooting stance and safety techniques.

BASIC RIFLE         

  • Safety and the 4 rules of safe firearms handling
  • Review of the law and its impact on you
  • Storage and transportation of firearms, airline regulations.
  • Firearms features and firearm selection
  • Ammunition; basic function and selection
  • Common firearm stoppages & clearance methods
  • Stances: standing, turning, prone & kneeling positions
  • Sight picture and basic sight alignment for defense
  • Basic marksmanship skills for close and long range targets.
  • Speed and tactical reloading basics for self defense
  • Engagement Rules – Tactical Questions.
  • Close range engagements – single and multiple targets.
  • Longer range engagements to 100 yards with iron sights
  • Use of cover & concealment.
  • Bullet wound and edged weapon trauma. Basic medical procedures *
  • Timed and scored shooting exam & certification.
  • Proper cleaning and disassembly technique
  • Parts identification (and expected life of the rifle) with hands-on training
  • Chamber pressures, caliber difference (i.e. 5.56 vs. .223)
  • Proper rifle shooting techniques from the prone, sitting and standing positions
  • Live fire to 25, 50 and 100 yards. Shooting for accuracy, using iron sites and optical scopes
  • Use of laser range finder and spotting scopes
  • Strategy using high-power optics to ensure proper site alignment
  • Bullet drop compensation and windage adjustment
  • Firearms cleaning and the tools needed to do it right

Prerequisites: None required – suitable for novices.
Tuition includes weapon hire, ammunition range transport etc.
*The basic Medical module is included in this course


Note: Basic Rifle is a pre requisite for this class

Skill Level: Experience with semi automatic full bore rifles is desired.
A reasonable degree of marksmanship is also required. Basic handgun skills are also required.

Abstract:Working on the building blocks of Basic Rifle, students will learn and develop intermediate rifle shooting techniques and skills from the prone, standing and kneeling positions. CQB and multiple target techniques will be practiced.

Course Overview: Students will practice the following drills and techniques in addition to those covered in basic rifle:

  • Multiple targets at multiple distances will be engaged in a single exercise
  • .22, .223 and .308 calibers will be used to demonstrate the differences in effectiveness
  • Iron sites, optical scopes and illuminated (battery) sights will be used in varying levels of light
  • Tactical and speed reloading against multiple targets (standing (static) and walking)
  • Basic transition drills from empty or malfunctioning rifle to handgun
  • Transition from optical site to fixed site and disabled scope
  • “Shoot Thru” avoidance techniques
  • Basic trauma medicine against rifle wounds
  • Discussion of, and demonstration of, basic advantages and disadvantages of holographic sites, etched recital scopes, illuminated etched reticle scopes, tritium reticles and “red-dot” ocular eye gun sites (OEG)
  • Snap Shooting
  • Introduction to low light and night shooting.
  • Shooting from and through narrow spaces.
  • Shooting from difficult positions.
  • Using cover and concealment to best advantage.
  • Live fire exercises

Additional Information: Tuition includes weapon hire, ammunition range transport etc.
*The basic Medical module may be added to this course.


Please note: Intermediate rifle is a pre requisite for this class.
Skill Level: Highly Advanced.

Building from the Intermediate Rifle class, students will learn and develop the following skills and drills as well as honing their marksmanship:

  • Basic rifle strikes to an assailant
  • “Close-in” assault rifle entry techniques
  • Use of low-light scopes in no-light and low-light scenarios
  • Rifle-mounted tactical lights will be used in complete darkness against etched black reticle scopes and iron sites
  • Transition drills from empty, or malfunctioning rifle to handgun
  • “Shoot-n-Scoot” drills with transition and mid-range targets
  • Advanced clearance drill techniques for both .223 and .308 NATO certified rifles only
  • Engage multiple targets at multiple distances in time vs. hits vs. number shots drills (targets are scored)
  • Advanced trauma medicine against rifle wounds
  • Live fire drills

Additional Information: Students are encouraged to bring a 3 point sling or other tactical harness systems that they are familiar with so that the full potential of this course can be recognized. These can be purchased locally if required.

Please noteAll handgun gear plus handgun is required for advanced rifle training and will be needed in this class. This is included in the price for UK and Overseas (non USA) students.
Students should bring clothing applicable to their duty environment where applicable.  DPM or camouflage kit is not allowed however.

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