Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Law Enforcement Small Arms Training in semi - automatic pistols and revolvers, assault rifles, tactical pump action and semi auto shotguns,  semi-auto and bolt action long rifles are all provided by our partner INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS (IS-AZ).

Based in Arizona, USA, Innovative Systems is staffed by trained professionals experienced in small arms use, concealed weapon carry, survival and other disciplines.

Innovative Systems can teach in your own training facilities or other environments, day, night and weekends. In addition we can custom design courses for your specific requirements, just tell us what you need.  We can also run courses for UK and European law enforcement officers.

We are dedicated to providing high quality firearms and skills training in a structured, informal and friendly environment to law enforcement officers at all levels of ability, with or without previous training or firearms experience The safety and survival of law enforcement officers and general public in a real-life situation is not negotiable – neither is our reputation.

Our full program of courses includes Tactical and Self Defense Firearms Training (including Concealed Carry), Medical, advanced Radio and GPS use. Especially popular is our Medical Skills Course where officers can learn “in the field” treatment of bullet wounds and other life threatening injuries that may be incurred in the line of duty by them or their colleagues. This could make all the difference in remote location incidents or cases of immediate life threatening injury. All courses may be tailored to cover specific topics.

At Innovative Systems (Defensive Small Arms Academy) we provide real world comprehensive and continuous training courses in all defensive firearms and armed self-defense tactics.

The Defensive Small Arms Academy can help officers acquire and maintain the highest standards of skills and abilities essential when firearms are deployed in public.

Our courses will help you be able to:

Acquire proper firearm safety and handling skills - always important.
Utilize “Sufficient Force” techniques and tactics in accordance with force policy.
Assess shoot / no shoot / don’t shoot situations and collateral considerations.
Engage threats quickly and accurately from concealed or carry within typical engagement parameters.
Improve defensive marksmanship.
Transition safely between - and improve familiarity with - multiple weapon platforms.
Understand and make safe unfamiliar weapons.
Administer emergency first aid or self-medic on the scene for gunshot and other wounds.  

Train to Survive

Some officers want / need more training but are restricted by budgets - or fear of asking.
Some armed officers can NOT react and shoot quickly and accurately enough to win.
Some officers are unfamiliar with firearms other than their own duty weapons.

Some Questions & Answers

Q: Can you run classes at weekends or in the evenings. What about daytime?
A: Yes, we run courses to suit client needs and operational requirements.

Q: Do we need to commit to any contract, gun or equipment purchase?
A: No. You can arrange courses as and when required by arrangement. There’s no lock-in or obligation. Regular, on-going and structured officer training is best.

Q: Where do you train from?
A: We prefer to run courses at venues convenient for and already used by our clients. This would normally be police, commercial or even military range facilities.

Q: Do you supply firearms, ammunition or kit?
A: NO. We are a purely training service. We do not own or carry firearms or ammunition for sales or distribution purposes.

Q: Can you run custom courses?
A: Yes. We will run a course to our client’s specification, or design one if required.

Q: Can officers train in private?
A: Yes, we can arrange this.

Q: Can you assist officers in need of additional training?
A: Yes, we can work closely with officers who may require additional training

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Contact Info

Life Skills Academy

United States 

+44 (0) 7530305549

Law Enforcement


Qualified Instructors: Our instructors teach only within their specific area of expertise.

OUR firearms certification includes revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, assault rifles, tactical pump and semi auto shotguns,  semi-auto and bolt action long rifles.
Our staff undergo regular strict professional update training with some of the world’s top instructors.

Our Chief Firearms instructor (USA Based)

  Served as a Police Firearms Instructor in Arizona.

  Certified NRA Instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun and personal protection courses.

  Trained in desert survival.

Assistant Firearms Instructor (USA / Europe):

  Personally trained by world class instructors in Switzerland and USA.

  Non- military approach to training.

  Multi-disciplined in NRA (USA) training.

Up to Date Techniques and Skills:

We do not teach outdated military or inappropriate sport or competition shooting skills to our students.

Training is realistic and structured to modern needs and operational requirements.

We set high but attainable standards of achievement for all students.