Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Are YOU worried or concerned about:

Rising crime rates.
Personal attack or  Home Invasions
Security at your place of work or business for you and your employees.
Opportunist criminals in your area.

Our Defensive Small Arms Academy courses provide real world comprehensive and continuous training in defensive firearms use and other armed self defense tactics. 

Defensive Small Arms Academy
courses help you acquire and maintain the skills and abilities needed to nullify or otherwise render an attacker harmless while simultaneously ensuring maximum safety and opportunity to the defender.  

FACT: The approximate number of Crime Index Offenses reported to Arizona law enforcement agencies every 24 hours during 2010was:


What would have happened if you had been attacked or threatened last night?    Would you have survived?

Our Defensive Small Arms Academy courses provide real world comprehensive and continuous training courses in all defensive firearms and armed self-defense tactics. We provide firearms training courses in Hand Gun , Shotgun,  and Assault Rifle

A Defensive Small Arms Academy course can help you acquire and maintain skills and abilities you never knew possible.

Life Skills tuition includes:

Pre-planning for emergencies.
Threat awareness & Stress management.
Situational orientation & Event aftermath
Medical basics; “in the field” treatment of gunshot wounds and edged weapon injuries, broken bones, eye injuries, burns etc.
Radio and cell phone communications.
GPS / Navigation basics
Basic survival skills in a desert or urban environment.
Self defense firearms choice, orientation and familiarisation.
Tactical marksmanship.

Train to Survive:

Even a little preparation goes a long way.
If you don’t know how to treat an injury to yourself, family or buddy – learn now.
Learning survival skills is best done before you really need them – it’s too late after that.
Develop a plan that suits you– and stick to it.
Most people are unfamiliar with firearms and would struggle to use them in an emergency.
Be a Rescuer, Not a Victim.

Life Skills Academy can help you to:

Learn proper firearm safety and handling skills - always important.
Try and avoid the situation in the first place wherever possible.
Learn to defend yourself with a firearm inside and outside your home or workplace.
Choose a suitable firearm and ammunition for home, business or personal carry.
Shoot quickly and accurately from concealed or open carry.
Set up proper home security to avoid theft or unauthorised access to your firearms
Learn proper defensive marksmanship.
Learn “Sufficient force” shooting techniques.

…….and much more.

What if I already own a firearm, but don't use it?

Simply buying a gun, any gun, is not enough.
Many gun owners can NOT react and shoot quickly and accurately enough to win.
Many do not know how to operate a firearm they have owned for years.
Many people buy a gun too big, too small or too powerful for their abilities.


Qualified Instructors: Defensive Small Arms Academy instructors teach only within their specific area of expertise to ensure consistent quality training.

Our Firearms Instructors:
Are all certified in firearms including revolvers, semi - automatic pistols, assault rifles, tactical pump and semi auto shotguns, sub machine guns, semi-auto and bolt action long rifles.

Our Chief Firearms instructor (USA):

Served as a Police Firearms Instructor in Arizona.
Certified NRA Instructor in: pistol, rifle, shotgun and personal protection courses.
Search and Rescue Unit Commander.
Trained in desert survival.
Active in the nationwide emergency response radio network system.
Assistant Firearms Instructor (USA/Europe):

Personally trained by world class instructors in Switzerland and USA …and he’s Scottish!
Non- military, European approach to training.
Multi disciplined in NRA (USA) training.
Supports our firearms instruction courses and overseas student training programs. 
Other skills include Karate and Rally Driving

Up to Date Techniques and Skills:

Our staff undergo strict professional update training with some of the world’s top instructors on a regular basis.
We do not teach outdated military or inappropriate sport shooting skills to our students.
Training is ALWAYS specialized to the student, NOT to the masses

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