Thursday, April 26, 2018
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I've never held a gun before. Is the Basic Handgun course good for me?

Yes. This class is designed for the person who is unfamiliar with firearms.

Do you provide semi-automatics for the Basic Handgun course?

Yes, we provide a range of handguns (usually in 9mm caliber) for beginners. Part of the basic class covers how to choose a handgun and suitability. You will get a chance to try different types of handgun on the course. You will also get the chance to try revolvers as well as semi automatic pistols in various calibers.

How big are the classes?

We prefer to run courses with a minimum of six students and a maximum of 10. More advanced classes run with a lesser number of students. Classes generally have a maximum ratio of one instructor for every three students. All classes are highly supervised to provide close training support for students.

How do I dress?

You will train on an open outdoor range and/or desert area (compact sand and gravel or pebbly areas). Wear comfortable boots which give ankle support, long lightweight trousers and consider long-sleeve tee shirts for better sun protection. No camouflage pants or shirts are permitted.

What do I need to bring to the range with me?

If you have sunglasses or prescription glasses, bring them. Eye and ear protection is mandatory, bring it. Sunglasses are NOT eye protection. See what to bring with you to your course here.

When I know what courses I want to take, what do I do? 

Just send us an e-mail and we will contact you directly, advise you how to send your payment to hold your place and schedule course dates. Upon receipt of the payment we will call you to confirm we have received it, send you an itinerary of your course and answer any questions about your stay after you arrive in the US. Note: Your place is not reserved until your payment arrives. Courses must be paid in full before they are taken. See: Important Notes: Booking Information

What happens if I sign up for a course, pay my deposit, but can't make it?

We will apply your deposit to another class that suits your schedule. No refunds are given.

What happens if it's raining the day of the courses?

The ranges are outdoors and training will normally take place irrespective of weather conditions, within reason of course.
Rain fall in Arizona is not really a problem.

Do you offer more advanced courses than basic handgun, and do you offer courses for different types of guns?

Yes: We offer different types of courses covering specific makes and types of handguns (revolver and semi-automatic), shotgun and rifle, also combination weapon skills. For example: you could do a course on the Colt 1911 type pistol and the Sig 556 rifle. Your course completion certificate will stipulate which firearm(s) you used on the course. Private instruction is also available by arrangement; please contact us with your requirements.

I've been shooting for years. Do I need to start at the basic course?

We try to keep students in classes with other students who have a similar level of skill and knowledge. Although it is termed a “Basic Class”, it is far from “basic” in content. Our courses are designed to build on the previous module so that students can progress smoothly to higher levels. If you have not used a firearm for a while we would recommend the basic course as a refresher. Just contact us and we will gladly discuss your requirements.

Do I need to take the Basic Handgun courses before I take the Basic Shotgun or Basic Rifle course?

No. None of the basic classes have prerequisites.

Can I rent a firearm for those courses? 

Yes. Firearms for the basic, intermediate, advanced and other classes will be provided if needed. This is reflected in the course price for UK and other Overseas students

If I register a group, or sign up for multiple classes, can I get a discount? 

Special rates may be available for groups of six or more. If you are a club or organization please contact us with your requirements. Our aim is to make our training courses as affordable and accessible as possible so feel free to contact us.

What are the prices for the courses?

Please click on “Courses” for information and email us for details and fees for the course of your choice.  Prices are subject to change (because of factors beyond our control) and will be confirmed before you make any payment.

How long are the courses?

It depends on the course. Courses normally run for two, three, five or ten days. We break one hour for lunch and have periodic comfort breaks as required.

Do I need Insurance?

We advise students to take out their own travel and medical insurance. Should you fall ill or have an accident you will avoid potentially high medical bills if you are covered.

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I need this course because of my job as a Bodyguard, will you supply references? 

Yes, with your permission, we will gladly provide a reference to any employer with regards to your course performance and response to training.

Will I be the only woman on the course?

Female students sometimes account for 40% to 60% of our classes.

Do you offer courses for "women only"? 

Yes. Although the lessons and techniques we teach apply to everyone for every situation. Female only classes and female instructors are available. We have a strict non harassment policy.

Are there types of ammunition that cannot be used at the range?

If you use your own firearm please note that no home loads, steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer ammunition is allowed at any time. Copper washed or full metal jacket ammunition is acceptable as are exposed lead tipped rounds in revolvers. Only ammunition supplied by us may be used in school firearms – no exceptions!

Do you provide transport to and from the Airport and Range? 

Yes. All transport to and from the airport and range can be included if required.

I want to extend my trip for a few days and do some sightseeing, can I do this?

Yes. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit in Arizona, just ask us.

Can I relax and buy kit before the course starts?

Yes, we prefer students - especially those from abroad - to arrive early for this reason. You should make a list of what you want to purchase before you arrive.

Do I need a firearms or shotgun certificate?

No. If you do hold a firearm permit please let us know however as this helps us understand your previous experience.

What do I need to bring with me to your courses?

A comprehensive listing of what you need to bring with you is featured here.