Thursday, April 26, 2018
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This Stuff Is Very Important – Please Read It.

What to Bring to Class.
For those students coming from outside the USA we will provide all firearms and ammunition, magazine pouches and holsters. You need only bring:

  • Eye protection (not sunglasses) for range use.*
  • Ear Protection.*
  • Sunscreen Lotion (SPF25 or above)*
  • Mosquito Repellent.
  • Hydration Kit - If you have one e.g. Cabelpak or water bottle carrier*
  • A flashlight and batteries for any night shooting requirements.*

         If you want to acquire any of the above locally please allow plenty time BEFORE the start of the course to do so. The items above will not be provided for you by our staff.

Training Environment / Dress.

We will be training in a hot, desert environment:

  • Drink plenty of water (cola is NOT a good idea).

  • Wear comfortable light coloured clothing, it reflects heat better.

  • Consider a long sleeve shirt; it protects the body better from heat.

  • Above ankle / combat style boots are better than trainers.

  • Long, loose fitting comfortable trousers are better than shorts.

  • Wear a sturdy belt capable of holding a holstered and loaded pistol plus 2-3 spare magazines.

  • Apply sun screen BEFORE coming out to the range.

  • Wear a hat of some type to keep the sun off your head.

  • Some classes may take place at night (or very early morning), please consider this when preparing for class. Bring a fleece or sweater.


  • If you are using our firearms, we supply all ammunition; there are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Weapon rental and ammunition are included in the course fee for overseas students.

  • US Students can bring their own personal firearms to the appropriate courses by prior arrangement with Innovative Systems. No competition guns and kit allowed.

  • If you come from across state or from outside the USA it is YOUR responsibility to ensure ALL legal documents and cross state carry / airline security requirements and permits are in place.

  • Make sure you have written clearance from the airline and Authorities in the USA to bring firearms with you as checked baggage. We cannot help you with this at any time. Do not break the law.

  • You may find it easier to ship your firearms if you do NOT ship ammunition with them – this can be acquired locally from Innovative Systems.

  • If in doubt, leave your firearms at home and use ours!

It goes without saying that students must NOT contravene or flout ANY firearm laws at any time. The penalties for doing so are severe and could have serious repercussions including lengthy jail time.

It is important that you check the website of the U.S. Embassy in the country of your passport nationality for any visa requirements before traveling. Make sure your passport is valid.

HOW TO GET THERE (From Europe):
British Airways fly directly from London Heathrow (LHR) to Phoenix Sky Harbour (PHX). We find this the easiest way. British Airways flights from other airports to Heathrow are generally timed to link up with the Heathrow/Phoenix flight.

Students flying from other countries should check locally which companies fly direct to Phoenix PHX. Alternatively travel to or via London Heathrow and take the BA flight.  Northwest Airlines / KLM and others also fly to Phoenix PHX but you may need to change planes in the US. These routes generally take much longer than flying direct.  Students flying from other states should fly to Phoenix Sky Harbour.

Book as early as possible to be sure of a seat on the plane – and the best prices.

You will be met at the airport by Innovative Systems staff who will take you to your hotel and see that you are checked in.

Course Purpose:
Our courses are intended for personal self-defence and recreational training only – they are not formal military training and should not be construed as such at any time. Persons seeking actual military or police training should visit their nearest recruitment centre. We accept no responsibility or liability for any misadventure, attack, injury or fatality you may suffer at any time whether you deliberately place yourself in harm’s way or not.

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Contact Info

Life Skills Academy

United States 

+44 (0) 7530305549

Important Info

Eligibility, Ability & Fitness.

: Our courses are run on an equal opportunity basis and no discrimination is made on grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation or preferences, creed, color, religion, physical attributes or impairments etc.

Eligibility: Generally speaking our courses are open to everyone over the age of 17; we would like this to always be the case and draw your attention to the following points:

Ability & Fitness:

Where a course requires “no previous experience” that is what we mean. We try to keep students in similar ability groups at all times.

Courses requiring previous experience will detail what we feel you need to get the best out of that particular course. It follows that someone looking to do an advanced tactical rifle course will not get far if they have never held a firearm before. This will be obvious to our instructors.

In the interests of the comfort and safety of all instructors and students you will not be allowed to participate if it becomes apparent that the course is beyond your skill levels and abilities or if you fail to adhere to our safety rules, behavior standards and reasonable instructions.

Our courses are not military boot camps or commando training but an amount of energy and a degree of fitness is required, especially for advanced classes.

If you have any health or weight issues, impairment(s), medication requirements or other special needs please advise us before booking in order that we can best accommodate you.

The decision of the course instructors will be final in all circumstances.

Good Character:

We cannot accept you for our courses if you have:

Criminal convictions or outstanding warrants for any criminal acts, terrorism or terror related offenses.

Firearms offenses (including revocation of any firearm permit).

Sympathies towards or membership of organized crime or street gangs or known or suspected terrorist organizations.

Drug or alcohol dependency.

Drugs, robbery, violence or sex offenses or

Previously been deported or asked to leave the USA

You should be aware that the US Authorities must be satisfied that you do not pose a risk or danger and are not classed as undesirable by any other issues past or present that you may have. We will not refund monies if you are refused entry by US authorities.

Behavior: We have a zero tolerance policy on controlled drugs, alcohol, dangerous firearm handling of any kind, harassment of, “hitting on” or propositioning other students and any other inappropriate behavior that may affect other students, the public or the reputation of this organization.