Thursday, April 26, 2018
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The Life Skills Academy is a tightly knit organization of highly qualified firearms, medical and communications - trained personnel.

We specialize in providing situational and task orientated training (from basic to advanced) that individuals and groups such as security, military and police personnel now require when operating and surviving in today’s uncertain and often hostile environment.

We believe in these basic principles:

  • So called “ordinary people” - male or female - can be trained in the safe and effective use of firearms beyond the skill levels required of police and armed forces personnel.

  • Whether you own a firearm for sport or personal defense, at home or carry (either CWP or as part of your daily duty), you owe it to society, your buddy or partner, yourself and loved ones to handle your firearm safely at all times.

  • Being proficient in their use, understanding and obeying the law is part of owning and carrying a firearm.

  • There is no “Right Way”, everybody is different. We will help you find the techniques and skills that work for you, within the confines of firearms safety, marksmanship and common sense.

  • Train to survive!  You have probably heard it before: what you do in training you only do to 50% when it happens for real. You will not “rise to the occasion” you will default to your lowest level of training –make sure that level is high.

  • Skills will diminish if not used. Maintain regular training and practice.

  • If you want to shoot fast and accurately, there is no substitute for live-fire training.

At the Life Skills Academy we will:

  • Actively encourage groups and organizations to work with us to create their own on-going and adaptable training programs  based on their current and future requirements wherever possible.

  • Modify a course content at any time should you wish to block book any particular date to suit your own group training requirements.

  • Allow prospective security industry personnel from the UK / Overseas to undertake firearms training with us BEFORE attending any Security Industry courses.

Why choose the Life Skills Academy ?

Up to date training: LSA Instructors regularly undergo professional update training themselves with some of the world’s top instructors. We do not teach outdated or inappropriate police, military or sport shooting skills to our students.

Qualified Instructors: Academy instructors teach only within their specific area. In this way students are not taught general principles, they are taught specifically to the instructors’ skill set. This allows for faster training and knowledge acquisition. Our instructors have acquired their skills over a period of many years and are not new to the business.

Our Firearms Instructors are certified in firearms use including revolvers, semi - automatic pistols, assault rifles, tactical pump and semi auto shotguns, sub machine guns, semi-auto and bolt action long rifles. We also have instructors who are Ex Royal Marines and US or UK Special Forces.

Chief Firearms Instructor: (Arizona) is a former Police firearms instructor and firearms dealer. He served with a large metropolitan Sheriff’s Office for 10 years as a Search and Rescue Unit Commander. He is trained in desert survival and is a certified NRA Instructor in the following disciplines: pistol, rifle, shotgun and personal protection courses. He has an extensive background in GPS theory and operation and is active in the nationwide emergency response radio network system.

Assistant Firearms Instructor: Originally from the UK and personally trained by world class instructors in Switzerland and the USA. He brings a European approach to firearms training which suits many experienced students. Many civilians and newcomers also find his style more suited to their lack of experience and abilities. He is multi disciplined in NRA training and supports both our firearms instruction courses and overseas student training programs . He is also trained in karate, is a qualified scuba diver and has several years rally driving experience.

Medic Instructors: Our instructors are registered nurses with experience in emergency room and helicopter operations as well as combat, field military and air ambulance trauma experience. They are also responsible for certifying other nurses and medical professionals and evaluating current procedures in emergency medicine outside their Innovative Systems - Defensive Small Arms Academy training roles.

Environment: Near perfect weather all year round, sensible firearm laws and an abundance of both outdoor shooting ranges and wide open desert spaces make this the ideal learning environment. Training and practice scenarios are more realistic than those experienced on indoor ranges. A relaxed “student friendly” attitude with no “bull” or ego-trip instruction makes the experience more enjoyable. Newcomer courses are run at a relaxed pace to help build confidence and skills.

Where We Train: Our courses are held in Arizona, USA on open ranges and / or desert terrain according to the course. We do not train on static indoor club ranges. We can also offer firearms training in other locations in the USA or worldwide (by arrangement). This can be a valuable consideration to organizations  with limited budgets and facilities. Please email us for more details.

Flexibility: Our training is based around client’s needs and requirements. To that end we can offer either set, stand-alone courses or we can design a course to suit your specific requirements. For example, we can offer a firearms training package to include medical procedures and communications skills. Another popular course involves night work in guard skills and low level light / darkness shooting skills. Whatever your requirements we are here to help – just ask us.

Individuals as well as organizations may require training and re-certification as part of their everyday process. We can provide "gap" training as needed; to bring users back up to speed or to teach / enhance a particular skill area that requires attention.

Training to Survive: Training is the key to survival. As such, we train in the classroom, in the field (day and/or night) and with force-on-force techniques where appropriate. Our flexible training philosophy is to train to the students’ weakest point (not to a rigid agenda set by the persons running the course). Our purpose is to ensure you are comprehensively trained to survive. Students will work hard, but the experience in both the classroom and live exercises will immerse them in an approach that ensures success every time.

There is more to survival training than just firearms. We have always recognized that fact and to that end we can incorporate all manner of other security and survival related skills into our training programs.

These can include:

  • Training in GPS use.
  • Advanced radio communications for both short and long range applications.
  • Forensic analysis, crime scene preservation.
  • Advanced firearm retention techniques for police, security personnel and CP operatives.
  • Emergency Medical procedures relevant to the student’s requirements.

Please be aware that we do not operate an aggressive, abusive, boot camp style training regime – we leave that to the military and others.

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