Thursday, April 26, 2018
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You are a building contractor, truck driver, company representative, etc. traveling with your security personnel in a hostile region. Your group is suddenly ambushed and a fire-fight breaks out as an explosive device destroys the lead vehicle, seriously wounding the occupants and blocking the road with the burning vehicle.

Your security personnel are seriously wounded, only one can return fire and he is some distance away on the other side of the road. Your buddy has been shot in the chest and is struggling for breath, he is bleeding heavily. The attackers are moving in for the kill or even worse, to take you hostage. Your bodyguard shouts to you to grab a rifle and return fire to avoid you all being killed.

The assault rifle you lift up has an optical sight but it is broken and hanging off, the magazine is damaged but you see a couple of full ones lying beside an unconscious security guard.

As you look around in bewilderment, fear and shock trying to take it all in an armed attacker breaks cover from behind a rock runs directly towards you, his AK47 at the ready. The one guard returning fire is engaging the remaining attackers and cannot help you………..

Now what do you do, what can you do………?

Too late! – You are now making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons!

At the Life Skills Academy, our Hostile Encounters Survival Course will help you cope with and more importantly vastly improve your chances of surviving a hostile encounter.

Held in Arizona, USA, our one week course is set in the perfect environment for those working in hostile regions.  The syllabus includes but is not limited to the following modules:

  • Pre-planning for emergencies.
  • Threat awareness
  • Stress management.
  • Situational orientation
  • Self defence alternatives
  • Handgun and assault rifle orientation and familiarization.
  • Tactical marksmanship.
  • Tactical medical basics: gunshot wounds and edged weapon injuries, broken bones, eye injuries, burns etc.
  • Radio and cell phone communications.
  • GPS / Navigation basics
  • Helicopter LZ markings.
  • Basic survival skills: desert & urban environment
  • Cover & concealment
  • Event aftermath.

Skill Level: No specific skills required. All applicants welcome.

Suitable for: Anyone working, travelling or operating in a hostile and / or remote environment where violent attack may be possible and help may not be readily available.

Equipment Required: Eye and ear protection

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