Thursday, April 26, 2018
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At Life Skills Academy we realize that the shotgun in self defence is unique unto itself. We strive to train with the shotgun in environments that are “most common” with regard to everyday use in home and personal defense.

We do not teach skeet or other competitive forms, rather, we seek to treat shotgun training as we do other modules, while still respecting its unique capability and the challenges that it poses to both user and assailant.

As in other modules, students will learn the basic types of shotguns and their action types. Great emphasis (as always) will be placed on the safe handling of firearms and potential for problems when handling and using shotguns.

There are a great many misconceptions regarding shotguns and their use in home and personal defense. These modules will seek to dispel the mystique and myths surrounding shotguns whilst educating the student on the latest styles, operation and proper use of the shotgun as a defensive tool.  Sample course agendas are shown below.

Basic Shotgun                                              

For those with no experience of tactical shotgun shooting.
Students will learn from the same set of modules as in Basic Handgun and Basic Rifle with the addition of the following topics:

In-depth discussion of shot and slug ammunition

Pump action & semi-auto shotguns.

Various configurations such as pistol grip vs. full stock

Myths and realities of the shotgun for home and personal defense

Loading and unloading shotguns

Slug shooting (felt recoil and comparison of magnum shells)

Shot & buckshot shooting

Bead sights vs. iron sights vs. ghost ring sights

Shot pattern spread test at 5, 10 and 25 yards

Slug accuracy test at 50 yards

Carry positions

Clearance drills for pump and automatic shotguns

Tactical and speed reloading.

Ammo transition – shot – slug – shot.

Speed shooting techniques

Intermediate Shotgun                                   


Working on the building blocks of Basic Shotgun, students will learn intermediate shotgun shooting techniques and skills from the standing, turning and kneeling positions.  Students will learn or improve on the following:

Use of light-mounted systems

Use of recoilless stock and standard stock

Engage multiple targets (2 - 4) for both slug and shot shells

Alternates: Use of Buck an Slug / Alternating Loads

Basic shotgun retention techniques

Cover and concealment (basic)

Trauma medicine for shotgun wounds (basic)

Multiple targets (1- 4) at varying distances.

Timed engagements (1- 4 targets)

Weapon transition – shotgun to pistol

Longer distance engagements to 100 yards.

Advanced Shotgun                                      

Intermediate shotgun is a PREREQUISITE for this class.

Building from the Intermediate Shotgun class, students will learn or improve on the following:

Transition drills from handgun to shotgun

Team use of shotgun and handgun drills

Room entry and close-quarter drills

Door breaching with shotgun

“Shoot-n-Scoot” drills, slug and shot ammunition

Optical sights on shotguns

Cover and concealment (advanced)

Low-light/no-light shooting (shotgun-mounted light only)

Behavior of shot and slug ammunition against a vehicle

Tactical scenarios and problem solving

Advanced Trauma medicine for shotgun wounds

Note: All handgun gear plus handgun is required for advanced shotgun training and will be needed in this class. Law enforcement students etc should bring and wear their duty gear.

Please noteThere is no automatic pass, unlike some other academies.  You can fail this class.  Payment of tuition does not guarantee passing.  We will do all that we can to help you, however, we would not be well respected, or sought out if we passed students just because they paid tuition.  Basic classes and introduction classes are the exception as those students have not come to class with a pre-stated skills set.  Students in the Basic and Introduction classes will receive a Certificate of Competence relevant to the firearm used.

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