Thursday, April 26, 2018
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“There is no reason why the so called “average person” cannot be trained to above the levels expected of law enforcement officers”.

For newcomers to pistol shooting the Life Skills Academy program offers a wide range of classes in defensive pistol shooting designed for groups and individual students from beginner to advanced level.

We offer various firearms to help students decide which firearm suits them best. Life Skills Academy has a wide range of firearms available for use to aid the student in making this critical decision. This availability is normally only for students in the Basic class and first part of the Intermediate class but is now available for any advanced training and for overseas students.

All of our basic classes (including weekend courses) are designed to teach that specific type of firearm (pistol, shotgun, etc...) from the ground up. We realize that only through complete understanding of the firearm and its specific function can the student become proficient.

Students that have a Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW) will be evaluated by our instructors to see where they best fit in the training ladder.

The Defensive Small Arms Academy program picks up where normal civilian CCW/CWP instruction ends.  Whilst we acknowledge that some CCW training is very good, we go a step further and place the student in “real world” situations using his/her previous experience and training them further on techniques, liability and the importance of the decision that they may someday have to make.

Some “Basic” classes may be broken into a combination of “classroom” and range time. In this way we can ensure that the student transitions directly into the shooting portion without interruption and thus continue their training in a logical and comprehensive manner.

Please note that all classes shown are representative of what we can offer. Shorter duration and alternative / personalised content courses can be designed and run to suit demand.

Foundation Handgun & Medical (5 days)             

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS (or any other “basic” firearms modules). US citizens should use their normal duty, carry or home defence weapons, holsters and ammunition. For foreign students all equipment is supplied by Innovative Systems. 
The student will become proficient in the operation, handling and carry method of their firearm. Students will be able to successfully identify the major parts of his/her firearm along with determination of shooting stance and proper basic aiming skills coupled with basic safety rules and firearm/ammunition selection.

Students will practice basic stances, drawing from holster as well as dry and live firing techniques against silhouette targets. An overview of close and longer range engagements will be given as well as single and multiple target engagements. Students also will become familiar with basic handgun cleaning techniques and procedures.

Safety and the 4 rules of safe firearms handling

Review of the law and its impact on you

Storage and transportation of firearms, airline regulations.

Firearms features and firearm selection

Ammunition; basic function and selection

Holster and carry method selection

Common firearm stoppages & clearance methods

Stances: standing, turning, prone & kneeling positions

  Sight picture and basic sight alignment for defense

Basic marksmanship skills for close and long range targets.

Speed and tactical reloading basics for self defense

Firearm concealed, carry considerations and access

Engagement Rules – Tactical Questions.

  Close range engagements – single and multiple targets.

Longer range engagements to 25 yards

Use of cover & concealment.

Firearms cleaning and the tools needed to do it right

Bullet wound and edged weapon trauma. Basic medical procedures *

Timed and scored shooting exam & certification.

*Students will complete the 1 1/2 day “Medic” module on this course.

Intermediate Handgun (5 days)                                  

  • Please note: Basic Handgun is a PREREQUISITE for this class

Building on the Basic Handgun instruction block, students will learn and /or improve on the following:

Clearing stoppages “under duress”

Low level light shooting techniques.

Proper use of night sights

Basic use of “Harries” flashlight technique

Moving “to and from” concealment against 1 or more assailants

Firearm retention techniques

Strong use of verbal commands & “Command Presence”

Shooting from cover and use of cover & concealment

Application of basic trauma medicine against a handgun wound (practical).

Engage multiple targets while moving laterally and reloading as necessary

Hone marksmanship skills against static targets

Tactical and speed reloading with multiple malfunctions introduced.

Split second decision making - single and multiple targets and “no shoots”

Targets at odd angles or partially concealed.

Shooting through spaces and gaps

Timed engagements.

Team work.

Introduction to room entry and clearance techniques

Advanced Handgun (4-5 days)                                   

  • Please note: Intermediate Handgun is a PREREQUISITE for this class

Building on the Intermediate Handgun instruction block, students will learn or improve the following:

Engage multiple targets from various positions and distances.

Engage targets whilst moving laterally, forward and backwards

Engaging multiple targets with “no shoot” and “through shoot” considerations

Verbal commands and “command presence” techniques

Weak handed shooting & reloading techniques

Tactical and speed reloading with multiple malfunctions

Combat scenarios - team drills – various situations.

Vehicle checkpoints – roadside checks.

Shooting from and at vehicles

Advanced trauma medical techniques against handgun wounds

Weapon recovery

Shooting when injured.

Night shooting exercises.

Class tactical exercises, marksmanship exam and certification

Live fire events and end of course tests are timed and scored.

Stress and other factors related to the shooting incident (legal and emotional aftermath) will be discussed and analysed. Students will be expected to be in reasonably good health, as the class will involve numerous back-to-back drills per student.

Night shooting and low-light shooting will be emphasized for both “Harries” and light-mounted firearm tactics. Systems using firearms-mounted light, laser and laser-light combinations will be discussed. Incandescent vs. LED firearms-mounted lights and hand-held lights will be discussed for both advantages and disadvantages.

The above courses are standard format to allow a structured approach to handgun training. 
For experienced handgun shooters we will gladly design courses to your requirements. Such courses can include: GPS/Navigation exercises, Assault Rifle, Shotgun and numerous practical / tactical scenarios to test your skills to the limit.

As always, input from students which is relevant to the course topics will be welcomed – our courses are all about Total Student Participation.

Please noteThere is no automatic pass, unlike some other academies.  You can fail this class.  Payment of tuition does not guarantee passing.  We will do all that we can to help you, however, we would not be well respected, or sought out if we passed students just because they paid tuition.  Basic classes and introduction classes are the exception as those students have not come to class with a pre-stated skills set.  Students in the Basic and Introduction classes will receive a Certificate of Competence relevant to the firearm used.

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