Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Life Skills Academy

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The Life Skills Academy prides itself in providing real-world private and group tuition in Rifle Training, Pistol Training, Semi Auto Carbine (AR) Training, Pump and Semi Auto Shotgun Training, Self & Home Defense Firearms Training, Professional Concealed Handgun Courses, as well as OIL/GAS Industry (OIGAIN) Firearms Training, and Maritime Security.

Whether you own a firearm for sport or personal defense, at home or carry (either CWP or as part of your daily duty), you owe it to society, your friend or partner, yourself and loved ones to handle your firearm safely at all times.

We provide a range of other courses for those wanting to be prepared for any type of future event or with an active outdoor lifestyle. 

  • The Life Skills Academy is staffed by trained professionals experienced in small arms use and firearms training, concealed weapon carry, survival and other disciplines.
  • We are dedicated to providing high quality firearms and skills training in a structured, informal and friendly environment to law abiding people of all backgrounds and abilities, private or professional, with or without previous training or experience.
  • Our full program of courses includes Tactical and Self Defense Firearms Training (including Concealed Carry), Medical, Radio and GPS use, as well as other skills that can be safely (or be reasonably associated with) “Life Skills.” We specialize in providing services that even other professional organizations are not privy to.
Our InstructorsOur instructors regularly undergo professional update training with some of the world’s top instructors. We do not teach outdated or inappropriate sports military or police training. Your safety and survival in a real-life situation is not negotiable – neither is our reputation.
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